With regard to the selection process for the Pengadaan Jasa Konsultansi Owner’s Agent – Project Management and Quality Assurance as stipulated in Selection Document No. DOL202006024/Pv/PA dated 29 June 2020 and any amendment thereof (“Selection Document”), the Procurement Agent for the Procurement of the Owner’s Agent Consultancy Services – Project Management and Quality Assurance residing at the Head Office of Directorate General of Taxes, Mar’ie Muhammad Building, 22nd floor, Jalan Jenderal Gatot Subroto Kav. 40-42, Jakarta 12190 (“the Procurement Agent”) has completed the evaluation of the Envelope II Proposal of the Selection Participant with the highest ranking based on the evaluation of Envelope I and completed the negotiation process based on the Official Report of Technical and Financial Negotiation No. DOL2020100042/Pv/PA dated 22 October 2020.

Pursuant to Clause 31.1 of Section II - Instructions to Selection Participants of the Selection Document and based on the results of the technical and financial negotiations, the Procurement Agent proposed the Selection Winner to the Pengguna Anggaran through letter No. DOL2020110008/Pv/PA dated 6 November 2020 and letter No. DOL2020110023/Pv/PA dated 13 November 2020. Following the determination of the Selection Winner by the Pengguna Anggaran based on Minister of Finance Decree No. 548/KMK.03/2020 concerning Penetapan Pemenang Seleksi Berdasarkan Kualitas Dua Sampul Pengadaan Jasa Konsultansi Owner's Agent - Project Management and Quality Assurance dated 1 December 2020, the Procurement Agent hereby announces the Selection Winner with the following details: