To alleviate the burden of tax payable at the end of the year, if you are not a Small Medium Enterprises using final income tax rate, you are obliged to pay the Monthly Tax Installment. 

In general, Monthly Tax Installment: Net income a year times the general rate after previously being deducted by Non-Taxable Income then divided by twelve

Net Income is:

Individual Taxpayer maintain bookkeeping : From the bookkeeping can be calculated the amount of net income each month, fiscal net income is calculated based on the books;

Individual Taxpayer only keeps recording : Fiscal net income is calculated based on Deemed Profit.

Thus, the formula and example of the installment calculation of Article 25 Income Tax for you as an Individual Taxpayer are as follows:

Individual Tax Payer Held Book Keeping

Mr. Beni (TK / 0) is registered as a Taxpayer in KPP A on February 1, 2015. Fiscal net income a year in 2018 is IDR 100,000,000. The amount of Monthly Tax Installments  every month for 2019 is as follows:

Net Income a year = IDR. 100,000,000.00

Personal Exemption (TK / 0) = IDR. 54,000,000.00 (-)

Taxable Income= IDR. 46,000,000.00

Payable Income Tax = 5% x Rp. 46,000,000.00 = Rp. 2,300,000.00

The amount for Monthly Tax Installments is = 1/12 x Rp.2,300,000.00 = Rp. 191,666.67         

For monthly installments before the submission of the Annual Tax Return equal to the previous year's installments.

New Individual Tax Payer

However, for the New Individual Taxpayer, the Monthly Tax Installment using a general mechanism does not apply. The monthly installments for New Personal Taxpayers are set NIL.

The New Taxpayer is an individual taxpayer who has just registered on a tax year.

Jono is registered in February 2019 at KPP ABC, then the Monthly Installment of Income Tax on 2019 (February-December) for Jono is 0.

Individual Tax Payer Keeping Records

Mr. Fatih (K / 1) is registered as a Taxpayer at B KPP on May 1, 2019.

Gross income according to the book records of May 2019 is IDR. 20,000,000.

Deemed profit for calculating net income in accordance with Mr. Fatih's business type is 30%.

The amount of monthly tax installment in May 2019 is as follows:


Gross income in May 2019 = IDR. 20,000,000.00

Net income in May 2009 = 30% x IDR. 20,000,000 = IDR. 6,000,000.00

Annualized net income = 12 x IDR. 6,000,000.00 = IDR.72,000,000.00

Personal Exemption (K / 1) = IDR54,000,000 + IDR4,500,000 + IDR4,500,000 = IDR.63,000,000.00 (-)

Taxable income = IDR. 9,000,000.00

Payable Income Tax = 5% x IDR. 9,000,000.00 = IDR. 450,000.00

The amount of monthly tax installment in May 2019 = 1/12 x IDR. 450,000.00 = IDR. 37,500.00