Muh. Tunjung Nugroho, Head of Oil and Gas Tax Service Office (KPP Migas), received a study visit from a four-person Uganda Revenue Authority (URA) delegation led by Sandra Kaitare, Assistant Commissioner of URA's Petroleum Division, on May 10 - 13, 2022.

Sandra revealed during the study visit to KPP Migas' Mahakam Hall that her intention and purpose in meeting the Head of KPP Migas was to learn from those experienced in achieving tax revenue, particularly in the oil and gas sector. She planned to share her experiences and talk about the return and payment process in Indonesia, which is based on revenue sharing agreements, business revenue and oil and gas information systems and management, audit management, and petroleum assessment and measurement.

Sandra stated that the URA's Petroleum and Mining Division is currently working to improve tax compliance for international oil and gas companies in Uganda. Given Indonesia's achievements in the oil and gas sector through KPP Migas, URA is interested in conducting a study visit to KPP Migas. "We are aware of Indonesia's (KPP Migas) achievements in the Oil and Gas Sector, and would like to share experiences and learn from KPP Migas, which handles the taxation of the Oil and Gas Sector in Indonesia," Sandra explained.

On the same occasion, Muh. Tunjung Nugroho expressed his gratitude and happiness for the URA delegation's study visit. He hopes that the URA delegation's study visit will result in increased productivity from both Uganda and Indonesia. "I sincerely hope that you will be able to obtain all of the information and knowledge that you require. At the same time, we want to learn from you about PSC Cost Recovery in Uganda from your perspective. For the discussion, my team will do our best to provide you with what you require," Muh. Tunjung Nugroho stated in his speech.