Hadi Rudyatmo: Boycotting taxes means impeding the development

The Mayor of Solo, FX Hadi Rudyatmo admitted that he is not agree with the idea of the need for a tax boycott. Last month, the Conference Of Nahdlatul Ulama in Cirebon urged the citizens to boycott the tax payments while tax money is still corrupted by tax officials.

“It's not the solution. We recommend that to make it better, it needs to be fixed up, not to be boycott,” said Rudy in City Hall Solo, some time ago. According to Rudy, the successor of Joko Widodo alias Jokowi who was elected to be the Governor of DKI Jakarta, every country must have the rule of law which must be adhered by the citizens. The funds collected from taxes, would essentially back to the people in the form of service to the citizens.

“People pay taxes and the Country serve the people. So far, are the people still served by the Country or not? Is there still any service from the Country or not?” said Rudy. Rudy emphasized, good citizens are supposed to fulfil the obligation to pay taxes.

The action of boycotting the tax payment will be detrimental to the people because it will impede the development process and also the service for the society. Do not sacrifice our posterity, do not harm others. The tax boycott is impossible to be carried out since it is not the solution.

The Directorate General of Taxes, in this case, only collects taxes from tax payers. While its utility is used by the Executive through the STATE BUDGET, the approval of which is through the legislature. According to Rudy, the utilization system of the people’s money that should be corrected. “The system must be straightened up properly,” said Rudy.

Straightening up the system must also be done since the tax is collected from the community. Controlling systems must be able to oversee the process of collecting taxes from the whole of taxpayers from all over Indonesia. The online tax system, according to Rudy, could be the solution.  “If it is carried out by online system, it will not be corrupted, then. The controlling is important, but unfortunately, why this online system still has not been applied yet?”' he said.

However he admitted there are still the members of the taxpayers in the city of Solo that was found out not be obedient to pay taxes. However, each taxpayer who was proved unfaithful to fulfil obligation, will received strict sanctions. “If they did not pay taxes, then the taxable assets will be sealed” he said.

Rudy added, taxes is an important element in supporting the development of the country and must be obeyed by all citizens. That's why the imposition of strict sanctions must be applied to make sure thhat things are going well. Including if any criminal acts of corruption is found in the use of the people's money. He explained, “If necessary, the State losses caused due to corruption should be counted with interest. Furthermore, its assets must be seized, if it is not enough, we should find its.