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The Director General (DG) of Taxes on Spectaxcular 2018


Spectaxcular 2018 is a collaboration event between Directorate General of Tax, State Owned Banks (BRI, BNI, Mandiri, and BTN), dan Telkomsel, as a campaign to disseminate online tax payment (e-billing) and online annual tax return reporting (e-filling). 

The DG participated in Running Tax 5K
The DG and several high level officials of the Ministry of Finance in front of Mobile Tax Unit
The Head of East Jakarta Regional Office, Harta Indra Tarigan, in Running Tax 5K
Tax services during the event

Dissemination of Government Regulation No. 46 Year 2013 at the Large Taxpayers Office

Nurbaeti Munawaroh as speaker
Head of the Dissemination, Service and Public Relation (P2Humas) RO LTO giving a speech
the atmosphere during the dissemination takes place
Participant asking questions
Speaker answering questions

Tax Education for People's Prosperity

Ahmad Nawawi, Member of City Council, explaining the importance of tax
Participants undertaking the Pre and Post Test before performing the Presentation test
Endaryono, Official of the South Jakarta RO DGT, explaining the Importance of Teacher's Role in Taxation
Ferawati, Teacher of the State Vocational School 20 Jakarta, receiving gifts for winning the Workshop contest
Workshop participants were taken photo together

East Java III Regional Tax Office's Internal Dissemination on Billing System

Guest speaker Sakdun explaining the benefits of Billing System
Guest speaker Hantriono giving explanation
Guest Speaker Gatot Subroto explaining the Applications Billing System
Participants listening the presentation during the dissemination
Participants asking during the question and answer session

The Minister of Finance signed a memorandum of understanding with The Minister of Internal Affairs

The Minister of Finance signing a memorandum of understanding with The Minister of Internal Affairs
The ministers, who attended the national coordination meeting (Rakornas)
The attandees singing the National Anthem “Indonesia Raya”
The director general of taxes and the secretary general The Ministry of Finance attended the event
Approximately 1800 attendees at Puri Agung, Grand Sahid Hotel

Makassar MTO Care for the Manggala Flood Victims

Flood victims who are predominantly children expressing their excitement.
Several houses in Manggala were destroyed because of the flood.
Makassar MTO employees handing down logistic and urgent supplies aid.
Head of the General Affairs Subdivision of the Makassar MTO handing aid to the flood victims.
Makassar MTO employees with the flood victims being taken picture.

Tax Dissemination for Local Government Treasurers in Baubau

An account representative gave explanation on tax matter.
Chief of the Dissemination Team of the Baubau Tax Office opened the gathering.
Participants were asking questions during the discussion session.
Participants were eagerly listening.
Another speaker gave explanation towards the Treasurer's Salary Application.

Children's Christmas at Directorate General of Taxes

Children employee lit a small torch in the Candle Light moments.
A child was singing praises.
A kid was answering questions asked by the host.
The children were eagerly playing the games.
The Children's Christmas Event was held at the 2nd floor of the main building of DGT.

KPP Pratama Palembang Ilir Barat held a socialization on New Tax Invoince Regulation

The Participants are Taxable Entrepreneur who registered in KPP Pratama Pratama Palembang Ilir Barat
The event was moderated by Head of Section of Supervision and Consultation II
Account Representative, the speaker, was delivering the materials.
One of the Participant was asking a question about the new tax invoice regulation.
The speakers and staff took pictures together at the end of the event.

Launching The Online Payment System

The Land and Building Tax being paid via the Online Payment System (POS)
Acting Head of Regional Tax Office Yogyakarta, Mr Sakli Anggoro giving awards to the Taxpayers
The Inauguration of the Online Payment System
The Land and Building Tax payment through ATM Regional Development Bank (BPD)
Head of Wonosari Small Taxpayer Office answering the reporter's question