Tax Corner at Senen Jaya Wholesale Centre

Tax corner is present for 5 days, September 16 to 20, 2013, at the Ground Floor of Senen Jaya Wholesale Centre at 10:00 to 15:00 pm. Tax officials giving tax information, distributing leaflets, free consultation and free TIN registration. The activity runs with intimacy and traders welcome with enthusiasm.

The tax corner officers visit patiently the Small-Medium-Enterprise's (SMEs) merchants door to door throughout the tenants in all areas to provide information and discuss the implementation of the Government Regulation (PP) No. 46 Year 2013. Under this rule, the SMEs merchants with turnover up to Rp.4.8 billion in calculating their monthly income tax is simply by counting their monthly business turnover multiplied by 1 %, then pay and report it in the next month.

The business activities in Senen Jaya Wholesale Centre is very crowded, the parking was full and so crowded with cars that take and drop box of goods, expedition services, visitors and shop activities for resale. The stalls on the ground floor up to the fifth floor are all filled and busy.

The Senen Jaya Wholesale Centre is in the Senen Tax Office's administrative area. According to Aladdin, Coordinator of the tax corner and Head of the Supervision and Consultation (Waskon) Section IV of the Senen Tax Office, "It is estimated that 10% of the SMEs Merchant here have not registered as taxpayers, while 30 % registered in other Tax Offices". The officers visited the SME merchants with courteous and friendly service. Every trader who asked was given a clear explanation of the rule, technical implementation as well as documents papers needed to facilitate their tax obligations.

Through this tax corner, the SMEs merchants are expected to be more concerned, aware and adhere to the rights and obligations of taxation. The country is in dire need of awareness of all parties to assist in financing the provision of public facilities and infrastructure that can be enjoyed by all levels of society. Pay taxes no matter how small to contribute to the Indonesian national development.