Let's Go Green with e-Filing

Let's Go Green with e-Filing, text by Yos W Hadi (Yos Wiyoso Hadi)

By Wiyoso Hadi, Employee of the Directorate General of Taxes

What distinguishes most people in developed countries from common people in developing countries? For the writer who once lived for seven years in Europe, the first answer that comes up spontaneously in mind is that people in developed countries are generally more concerned about the environment, more likely to go green. The spirit and attitude of go green can be applied in many aspects of life, including taxes. In the future, go green tax system is a tax administration system that uses e-filing in administrating all tax return filed by all taxpayers. By using e-filing, there will be less use of paper.

For those who have not known yet what e-filing is may be explained here that the e-filing is a tax return filing system which uses internet without a third party mediation through accessing http://efiling.pajak.go.id/ and it is free of charge. It is made by the Directorate General of Taxes (DGT) to make it easier for taxpayers to file their tax return. Currently, e-filing facility can be used to file two types of tax return, which are: (1) the 1770S Individual Tax Return, using by individual taxpayers who earn income from one or more employers operating in Indonesia, or whose income is subject to the final tax income; and (2) the 1770SS Individual Tax Return, using by individual taxpayers who earn income only from one employer to a gross amount of not more than 60.000.000,00 rupiah within a year and has no other income except income in the form of bank interest or cooperative interest.

Besides environment-friendly, the e-filing provides other advantages to taxpayers, which are: (1) the tax return filing can be done easily, quickly, safely, and at any time during the 24 hours a day and 7 days a week (24h/7d) and can be sent from anywhere as long as it is connected to the internet; (2) Cheap, free of charge; (3) the tax calculation is done precisely due to the use of computer system, (4) Easy to file due to using form Wizard application; (5) Data submitted by the taxpayers always complete because of using validation process, and (6) supplementary documents (such as: copy of the 1721 A1/A2 form income tax cut or its evidence, tax payment slip of income tax article 29, calculation of income tax payable for married taxpayer with separated assets and/or have each one their own Taxpayer Identification Number, copy of almsgiving (zakat) payment slip, etc.) does not need to be sent unless asked by the tax office through its account representative (AR).

The e-filing process is also short, only through three steps. Namely: First, apply for e-FIN which is a user ID number for taxpayer to sign up for e-filing and used only once in a lifetime. Thus taxpayers only need to apply once to get e-FIN through http://efiling.pajak.go.id/ or by request through the nearest tax office. Second, enroll as e-filing taxpayer in efiling.pajak.go.id. And third, file the annual tax return through http://efiling.pajak.go.id/.

For the 2011 annual tax return filing there are 7,507 taxpayers who have used e-filing facility, consisting of 6,999 individual taxpayers who file their 1770S form annual return and 808 individual taxpayers who file their 1770SS form annual return. As for the 2012 tax return filing based on data recorded until February 21, 2013, there are 10,971 taxpayers who enjoyed the convenience of online e-filing. So come on what are you waiting for, click http://efiling.pajak.go.id/ immediately, and enjoy the facility of e-filing. Sign up immediately and go green with tax!

*) The information and views set out in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official opinion of the institution in which the author works.